My Story

My journey into art started from an attempt to figure out how I actually think, to unravel this from how I was trained to think.  I began to feel confused about what constitutes thinking.  Many years ago a friend urged me to “just think harder” when I was stuck in some aspect of my dissertation; even then I knew this wasn’t helpful advice, but I didn’t know why, or what to put in its place.

Lately I have been wondering about how we know, and the relationship between knowing through language and in other ways.  I’m drawn to the line where language and not-language rub against each other, though for the moment my images do not include text.  I am interested in juxtaposition, mystery, paradox, that which cannot be fully explained.

I am surprised to discover that words are not my natural medium, not my primary way of processing the world.  I spent so many years trying to force them, trying to do the expected thing, as if we have a choice about who to be, as if life were a process of self-creation.  I’ve discovered that life doesn’t work that way.

Exploring these questions led me to painting in 2004.  The pieces displayed here span the time period from then until now.  I am mostly guided by intuition, sometimes with happy results and sometimes leading to pieces that end up in drawers and eventually become part of new works.  I have had solo shows at Shade Tree Coffee and the YogaSpot in Durham, and showed work for several years at Four Square, a local restaurant .  I have had work in a number of group shows, including the Durham Art Guild annual member show, Art and the Feminine Divine, sponsored in 2006 by the Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South, and Through Women’s Eyes, in 2006, sponsored by the Orange County Women’s Center.

In early 2011 I was accepted by the Labourlove Gallery collective at the Golden Belt complex in Durham.  You can see a sampling of recent work at the gallery.

I continue to be interested in words, though I am about to retire from my job teaching thesis students in the International Comparative Studies Program at Duke University.  Now I satisfy my love for words through reading, helping others with writing projects, and through the blog on this website.

Some of the titles are adapted from Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Tao Te Ching, 1988