Daily art


Apr 30th 2012

A few weeks ago I downloaded a new app called Paper by 53. It makes it possible to easily create images on the iPad. Since then I have actually begun to follow through on an inspiring example set by my teacher,Lisa Creed, who for over two years created an image a day. Now, she did it with real materials—paint, graphite,paper—so it doesn’t quite feel like what I’m doing is the same, but with this new app I find that I will actually do it (though I’ve already missed a couple of days). And it seems possible that making the decision and following through is worthwhile even though the work is digital rather than “real.”. I think I am going to post these images on my website under a link called Sketchbook. (You’ll find them there now.) I like them. They are fun to make and non-stressful. I look at them and think, anyone could do this. And I do think that this is true. If they wanted to, anyone could do this. It makes me wonder about art. What it means to make art. What art looks like. In my painting class many of the other students make beautiful representational images. I admire them, both for their beauty and for the technical skill involved in their creation. But that is not what I do. For reasons I don’t fully fathom that is not what I do.